Arise ‘O’ Kwarans By Sholola Yusuf

I am constrained again today to address my beloved people of Kwara, without any partisan posture, even when there is serious temptation to be.

While it is agreeable that Kwara is suffering requisite developmental milestones and landmarks like several other states in Nigeria, it is repugnant that it remained the only state in the pack of First Generation States to be so pummelled developmentally, occasioned by continuous misappropriation of commonwealth by successive regimes of egocentric leaders, largely supported by members of elite class either through collaboration or by fatalistic indifference.

The culmination of the cumulative oppressive tendencies that birthed the ongoing Ò TÒ GÈ (#EnoughIsEnough) movement should, therefore, be understood as a natural response to an order that has become or is becoming unpopular (depending on which side of the prism you are) with a mass of people that have once always rallied, revered and regaled various classes of leaders that peopled Kwara’s superstructure.

This is not a campaign for either side. It is rather a call on those who have always lived on Kwara’s commonwealth in the Ò TÒ GÈ and Ò TÙN YÀ groups, to the detriments of the collective members of Kwara Estate, that God is shaming you big time. When an hitherto languid and fatalistic state is being turned into a battleground, that is not winning by ideology but bloodletting and destruction, we all owe it a duty to raise alarm and call those charged with leadership, be they the royals, the clerics, the politicians, the intelligentsias, the artisans, and even the commoners, with a view to letting them know that it is only under harmonious state that the State of Harmony can make meaningful progress. And this harmonious state requires given to all what belongs to all with all sense of humility and fear of God.

The Me-Myself-and-I mentality that has made huge number of Kwarans to be blindfolded into aiding hegemonic exploitation of the state needs to be exorcised.

According to Fela Durotoye, “Individual success in the midst of collective failure will always be despised”. Those of us who think that once we are taken care of let others go to hell will not enjoy the fraudulently gotten successes in the midst of what is vast becoming intergenerational transfer of poverty that symptomized the livelihood of an average household in today’s Kwara. This explains why there are a lot of beautiful but inhabitable, only show-off, mansions and grand cars with bad roads in a highly pauperised state of Kwara today.

Leaders should know that no matter how adept they are at swinging and swindling the ill-informed and the misinformed to their sides, they will be lonely in giving account of their stewardship before the impartial CREATOR of the oppressors and the oppressed, no matter how long it takes.

The current election will be won and lost. Whoever it pleases God, the almighty, to thrust Kwara and Kwarans on should know that it cannot be business as usual any longer. It is time for Kwara to join the league of states making incremental progress by each government. Kwarans that have the opportunity of visiting states like Niger, Bauchi, Gombe, Jigawa, Osun, Akwa-Ibom, etc., that were created long after Kwara, will not only connect with the pains of this writer, but know that a paradigm shift is needed urgently. The total destruction of our socialisation centres (schools, religions, media, traditional system, etc.) by heartless leaders, wherever they are lurking in Kwara, will be avenged by the creator of all Kwarans who wishes that the HARMONY He blessed Kwara with should not be HARMONY OF THE GRAVESIDE. Long Live Kwara; Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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