Celebrities Turn Up As Hot FM 93.3 Launches In Lagos (PHOTOS)

  • A brand new broadcast experience has hit Nigeria’s commercial nerve center with the launch of Hot FM 93.3.

The chief executive of Hot FM, Mr. Ndu Scott, during the launch party held recently to usher in the radio station in Lagos, made it known that it would give its target audience dual opportunities by providing short video and audio content simultaneously.

With the commencement of broadcast in Lagos, the FM station now airs from four major cities in the country. Hot FM was first licensed to broadcast to the entire North-central Zone in 2005, broadcasting on the 98.3 FM frequency from Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. It has since extended its frontiers to Asaba and Owerri in the South-east.

Scott, who is the son of veteran television broadcaster and journalist, Senator Chris Anyanwu, stated that his team had noticed that the way the people in Lagos want to consume information was a bit different from what obtains in other places.

According to him, his team was conscious of the sophistication and smartness of residents and radio listeners in Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre and therefore tailored Hot FM’s style of broadcasting towards such understanding.

“We understand the demographic dynamics of the city and we worked along that line. Lagosians want information on the go, they want it visual and they want it in audio as well.

“To this end, we are bringing visual radio, short video content, short audio content and the rest. With visual radio, what you hear, you can see it through live streaming.
“For instance, if we are interviewing a governor or minister or any personality, you can actually watch it live via streaming,” he said.

Scott also pointed out that advertisers were in for a good time, as the latest entrant into Lagos’ radio broadcast space would also provide two ways for advertising: audio, which is the traditional route, and online.

He was, however, quick to point out that the station will be targeting a niche market in Lagos, with its primary audience being young professionals, young entrepreneurs, young creatives, and young intellectuals.

“With Lagos, we are focusing on eight contemporary areas including lifestyle, fashion, music and infotech. Our demographic target is 24-35, but of course there is a spill over of 18-24 and 35-40.
“A radio station cannot provide content for everybody. As a player in the market, you have to first sit down and understand the demographics you want to appeal to and create a niche there.
“Lagos is big enough and you can easily identify your niche market. It is all about target marketing. You don’t need to carry everybody along,” he said.

He said the cosmopolitan nature of the city with about 15 million people living and working in it and almost seven million radio listeners were pointers to the confidence his team has in Lagos.
Speaking on the role technology would play in positioning the radio station, he said Hot FM was not a traditional radio content providing station, but a multimedia platform that is pioneering visual radio content, adding that it was the first of its kind in the country for the listening and viewing pleasure of its listeners.

According to him, “Our niche target in Lagos are innovative, tech savvy, intellectual and creative young adults, young people with an appetite for content.
“We have created a radio that’s tailor-made for this group. We are giving them more than just traditional radio.”

Sensei Uche has been appointed the morning Host and Programs Director.

See photos from the event below;

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