How A DJ Ruined My Stage Performance With 2Baba, Kiss Daniel, Others – Odecee

Fast rising singer, Odeecee, in this chat with Epiczone speaks on his music, performing on the same stage as 2Baba and Kiss Daniel, and his move from Abuja to Lagos.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Obi Osinachi – stage name Odeecee – from Emohe (mboma) Emii community, Owerri North LG, Imo State. I am a Nigeria-based Afro-pop and highlife artiste, born in the early 90s. I studied computer science at Dorben Polytechnic, Abuja and I am the last child of the family.


What or who inspired your stage name?

Well, my name is Obi Osinachi. Odeecee is from the O and C. It was given to me by my mum, as the last child of the family, the pet of the house. I grew up loving the name so I decided to adopt it as my stage name.

How long have you been doing music?

For up to 12 years now.

But why music?

I do music because I love music. I love sound. I love playing musical instruments. I love harmonized sounds. The family I come from also influenced my love for music because my two fathers, I say my two fathers because my dad is a twin. He and his twin brother are choirmasters and music teachers in my hometown and they taught me music; how to sing, write songs and also how to play the drums and the keyboard. So, they really inspired and influenced my love for music.

What are your best and worst moments so far in music?

My happiest and best moment so far was the first day I heard my song played on radio and it became no. 1 on Nakowa Top 10, Wazobia FM, Abuja. The love people showed me was overwhelming. My family members, even those that were not in support of my music became proud of me. My worst momen was the day I was to perform at Night of Laughter at Transcorp Hilton Hotels, Abuja, alongside big artists like 2Baba, Kiss Daniel and many more. I got on stage after so much hype from the MC only for the DJ to mess me up, He didn’t play my song. He said he couldn’t locate my songs after I had submitted it. I was on stage for about five minutes looking like a fool. It was embarrassing. After I got down from the stage, I couldn’t help it, I wept all night. It was really embarrassing, you know, but thank God for 2Baba, Kiss Daniel, Funke Akindele and the rest; they came to me and consoled me, making me understand that it’s part of those things one has to experience in the business.

From your responses so far, it seems you are more of an Abuja-based artiste than Lagos. Do you think you have what it takes to hit it big in this game especially in Lagos which is the hub of entertainment in the country?

Although, I have lived in Abuja for a very long time and my music became more prominent there, I had to come down to Lagos because I needed a place where I can face challenges, I can be exposed because Lagos obviously is the center of entertainment in the country, so I came here to exploit the opportunities here. In the next few years, by God’s grace, I see myself at the top. I see myself becoming an icon a legend in the class of 2baba, D’Banj and the rest of them.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

One of my inspirations is Flavour Nabania. I like him so much. He is melodious, he writes and sings good music. I hope I get better than him.

What will you be doing, if not music?

Well, I studied computer science, I am a graphic artiste, but the truth is I left everything for music. I don’t think there is anything I would do that will be as fulfilling as music.

Your biggest show so far?

That would be the Night of Laughter I talked about, although I was unfortunately messed up by the DJ. Another one will be a fashion show that took place at the Yar’Adua Center, in Abuja also. Another one was my performances at the last two editions of Face of Democracy at the Sheraton Hotels in Abuja.

Are you signed to any record label?

Yes, there is this guy that so much believes in me and that is Chidera Godswill Obasi, the founder and CEO of CGO Recordz, that’s where I am signed to.

Your song Kpogidi Yourself is really making waves right now, what inspired the song?

Kpogidi Yourself simply means feel yourself, enjoy yourself, enjoy life regardless of what life brings to you. We all have problems but have it in your mind that you just have to let them go. When you have it, enjoy it. When you don’t, still kpogidi yourself, enjoy life. I got the inspiration for Kpogidi Yourself through a big brother, his name is Marshall. He came home one day and said, ‘Omo, I wan kpogidi myself’. And I asked him what he means and he said he wants to enjoy himself. I thought about it and then said to myself that I will do a song on it and that was how Kpogidi Yourself started.


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