Liverpool Earn €108m For Winning UEFA Champions League

Liverpool will earn the sum of €108.9 million following their triumph in the UEFA Champions League final over fellow English club, Tottenham Hotspur, in Madrid, Spain, on Saturday.

Two goals by Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi at the Estadio Metropolitano gave The Reds the bragging rights to the “big ears” trophy for next one season.

Despite being on the losing side, Tottenham will get €104 million for getting to their first Champions League final.

These figures are according to UEFA’s distribution formula for the 2018-19 Champions League season, which was announced last year.

Part of the changes includes a 30 per cent increase in prize money for winners of Europe’s top club competition.

The new formula shows that Liverpool will get €15.5m participation bonus, €8.1 million for winning three group games, €35.3 million from the market pool and €9.5 million for reaching the Round of 16.

Liverpool will also get €10.5 million for reaching the quarter-finals and €12 million for reaching semi-finals and €19million for reaching the finals and winning it.

Only €4 million separates the two finalists in prize money.

A total of €1.95 billion is estimated to be distributed among clubs from Group Stage onwards.

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