Mugabe: Hero Or Vallian – By Alawode Saheed

Born in a densely populated village in Southern Rhodesia. Robert Mugabe was a warrior right from birth.
Just like most Rhodesians, he was a farmer and a teacher. Due to his popularity, he became a voice in the village and soon led series of rebellion against the imperialists which led to him being exiled to Mozambique.
In Mozambique, Mugabe formed ZANU-PF, and through d party launched a series of propaganda against the British oppressors.
Upon his return to d country, Mugabe started a gorilla warfare against the whites, destabilizing them.

And forcing them to come to a roundtable meeting, a move which later culminated into the independence of the country and Mugabe as it’s first prime minister.
Not satisfied with his part involvement, himself and his party fought vigorously for total independence and a change into a republic.
Rhodesia was changed to Zimbabwe, with Robert Mugabe as it’s first President.
The whole country rejoiced, light finally shone at the end of the tunnel and finally peace reigned supreme in the Southern African country.

But the whites wanted to control the economy, they owned 90% of the lands, control the minerals and the heart of the country. With a presidential proclamation, he chased all the whites, gave blacks their land, made all whites sweat for their possessions and took back the country for Zimbabweans.
Of course he was hated for this, branded a dictator, IMF finished him off, devalued the Zimbabwe dollars, placed sanctions on him and made his tenure hell.
Mugabe on the other hand ruled with an ironed fist, clenched onto power for so long that the military ousted him after 30 years.

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