#OTOGELAGOS: Dead On Arrival By Sholola Yusuf

The real #OtogeLagos happened in Lagos almost 20 years ago when a letter writing tyrant dared this state to find alternative sources of income when her federal allocations were withheld.

I can feel the plight of those who wants Tinubu’s reign to come to an end, they want to put a stop to how Jagaban has infuse virtually all his family members in different juicy positions across the federation & how people allegedly believes his son will become the state governor in 2023, but can someone please advice people of SE in Lagos to stop heading at 100kmph for a collision course with a stationary trailer.

Many of this flat headed people who turned Lagos to their Obodoibo were either busy drawing Ladies by their cloth to come & buy their displayed wares (Aunty I get correct Bra), just too young or still in the village when the true #otogELagos came up between Tinubu & OBJ.

These set of people from the redmud state have been languishing in poverty particularly those from the south-south, a haven of milk & honey where multinational oil & gas companies milk from, flare gas 24/7 & killed their soil & rivers with a token given to their Igwes & Ichies (Kings & Queens) but their funds are siphoned.

If they want the so called liberation, is it in Lagos? The same Lagos state that you’ve made your home for decades, if truly they want to start the OtogeLagos movement, they should start from their red-mud states with their governors & representatives.

Trying all possible best to remove Jagaban is like trying to remove the architect of one of the most fasted growing cities in Africa, Lagos will continue to soar higher & higher, politics is a game of numbers and it starts from the grassroots, trending #OtogeLagos on Twitter will not even shake the smallest town in Lagos needless to say the whole of Lagos state. This slogan is dead on arrival.

For the record, every tribe deserve a political icon, one who would stand for his race & generation. Bola Ahmed Tinubu is one of the few elites who stand firmly to protect the heritage of the Yoruba land. however, the game of politics in Nigeria depends on the fastest & the people’s will.

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