Read Why Kanye West Deleted His Social Media

People is reporting that American music star,  Kanye West has deactivated his social media because of how negatively it is affecting his life.

Recall that the rapper has been embroiled in new controversies which include the bizarre rant on SNL and his tweets in which endorsed Trump. Folks, including actor Chris Evans and singer Lana Del Rey read him for filth, with many people calling for a total boycott of his music and apparel.

All of the negative criticisms prompted the rapper to deactivate his page.

This is not the time he would be making such decision, and now sources close to him tells People that he left social media because it had become an obsession.

“Kanye got to the point where he realized his rants were becoming unhealthy. This is why he deleted his account,” the source said, adding, “When he gets into these Twitter rants, it’s very difficult for him to stop. It’s like an obsession and it actually affects his life. He knows it’s not healthy, so he wants to take things down a notch.”

And Kim Kardashian reportedly is in full support of this decision because she “just wants him to focus on his family for a bit now. He can also focus better on his music and being creative when he avoids social media.”

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