To Stop Corruption Nigerians Have To Stop Indecent Dressing – Cleric

A cleric, Pastor Kehinde Owa, has urged the government to lead the campaign against indecent dressing among Nigerians.

Owa, who is of Christ Kingdom Church, Ilorin, told the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday that government, parents, religious leaders and media professionals should campaign vigorously against indecent dressing, saying the trend was disturbing.

He said indecent dressing was fast replacing the African mode of dressing which promotes decent and elegant fashion.

“It is getting out of hand as youths, and even older Nigerians are engaging in indecent dressing without any consequence.
“Indecent dressing has continued to corrupt the society. Go to Nigerian tertiary institutions and see what students turned themselves to in the name of dressing.

“Government and concerned authorities must intervene in order to rescue the upcoming generation from the social evil before it gets worse.

“Parents must stop buying clothes that will expose the bodies of their children to the world.

“Africa’s rich culture has been thrown into the dustbin.

“We have borrowed the western way of life and this is not helping us. The government must wake up from its slumber and act fast,” he said.

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