Valentine Came In March – A Short Non – Fiction Story By Theo Ziny- Joel

14th of February, 2018 Valentine’s Day came and left as usual for me. The day didn’t pass through me. It didn’t make me feel less of a man or more of one. It just came and I lived through it.


Unlike some people who know themselves. This past valentine day left a landmark on them. Those girls that are now walking carrying a life in their stomach holding lime down and up like table water, you know yourselves. Those big guys that the day has left them in bankruptcy, calling me over the phone saying “Gee how far, I need your help” please I am not a Gee plus our help cometh from the lord and not from me.


On that day you were busy disturbing my WhatsApp with your status of you and bae wasting my own data. See, it is not that I am not willing to help, but my phone needs the money (subscription) more than you do.


Back to the real discussion jare …


Today, I felt love. It was very real. It was a type of unusual feeling. You needed to just see the smile on her face. It spelt L O V E! Her smile was everything. The joy on her face oiled my heart to shine. I was happy she was happy. To the best of it all, I was glad I was the source of her joy.


This morning after a warm bath in preparation for the day’s lecture in school, since my room was a bit dark, I decided to go out of the room with my mirror for a better view on addressing my cute face. While staring at the mirror outside my room, I heard a soft giggle. I stopped for a bit and looked my surrounding by balling my head. I scanned at a school building that backed me, a school meant for special teens, basically deaf and dumb, but I saw no one, so I continued.


Almost immediately again, I heard same sound but this time I decided to be more tactical in my approach on getting this person. I knew where the direction of the sound was coming from but all I needed to know was who this person was. To achieve this, I aliased with my mirror to show me this person. So I acted like I was busy with my face by making a weird look. Immediately, I saw this girl through the mirror. She was looking through the window on the second floor of the school. It was just a fence that separated the school from my apartment. It was obvious she had physical defects. She smiled and giggled at my facial expression at the mirror. I acted like I didn’t notice her but instead; I carved more weird facial gestures. This made her laugh more.


I forgot I was getting late for school. I was lost in making her happy.  I knew what she needed that instance was to be happy. I was satisfied on making her forget her present state, her physical disorder. It was beyond her looks now. It was all about her heart. Though to anyone who saw me that moment might have thought I was making a fool of myself, but to me, I was making a full of her joy.


Her smile was real. It was pure. It was love. She defined love for me that moment. She laughed at my stupid gesture, at my ugly face, at a stupid me. All I needed to offer her to blush and be happy wasn’t money. It wasn’t materialistic things. All she needed was me being real.


Reality dawned on me that I was late for lectures. I decided to look at her direction- not with the mirror now. Immediately my eyes met her, before I could even blink, she had dropped out of sight- disappeared.


I smiled and whispered softly in the “Happy val”



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