Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, popularly known as Vector tha Viper, has passed a little jibe on award show organisers and specifically called out the Headies in a series of tweets.

He declared that awards do not mean anything to him anymore.

According to him,


‘I intentionally removed myself from the idea that I have to outdo mode9. It’s not necessary. Ask him about me in the studio and he will tell you. I don’t care about clout… I just want to make music. Fuck money too. That shit comes and goes anyway’. He Tweeted

In another tweet, The Lafiaji singer said he stopped entering for the Headies Awards because he can easily beat the contestants in a rap battle.


‘As for the Headies. I stopped entering for it because I don’t want to compete with rappers (I can easily beat them on a one on one but that was Unilag). I’m grown now. Awards actually don’t mean anything to me anymore. Let new people win awards.’

Vector won the Headies Award for Lyricist on the Roll and Best Rap Single in 2016.

Could this be another attempt at discrediting the Headies of Vector is just catching cruise?