A Senator representing Nasarawa West district, Abdullahi Adamu, has suggested that the #EndSARS protest was targeted at President Muhammadu Buhari-led government.

Speaking in an interview published by Daily Trust on Sunday, the former governor of Nasarawa State said there have been machineries against northern interest.

“We saw some machinations against northern interest in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. One of us is the president today. And you will never see this kind of nonsense when a non-northerner is there. I am sorry and regret to say this, but that is the reality and the truth”, Adamu said.

He pointed out that the north must not abandon its solidarity, loyalty and patriotism, insinuating that it is what holds Nigeria together.

On why northerners did not join in the protest, he noted that the people are not wired to sabotage constituted authorities.

Adamu also denied accusation that the north is fixated on power.

“The average northerner is too trusting and submissive to constituted authorities. We are not subversive to constituted authorities by nature, tradition and attitude. That is why sometimes we are taken for fools, but we are not foolish. It is a matter of loyalty; we are too loyal to think about sabotaging constituted authorities. We are too loyal to do so because it is not in our character.

“If we believe in democracy, then there is no question that the North is fixated. If you believe in democracy you know it is one man, one vote; a government of the people, for the people and by the people. There is nowhere that says you should nominate somebody based on federal character for elective offices”, he also said.

When asked where the president should come from in 2023, he stated that his concern is to protect Buhari administration and help stabilize it.

“Let me take care of today first. I am not the man who saw tomorrow. If and when we get to the bridge, we will decide how to cross it. For now, my position is not what happens in 2023, my concern is to protect this government and work for its stability to ensure that it is able to deliver 2023,” he stated.