Olu Falae, a former national chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), has said the current security situation in the country is frightening.

Falae stated this in an interview with the Sunday Sun.

The former finance minister also expressed concern the various calls for division in the nation.

He said: “The country is in a chaotic condition, we are in an economic depression, social instability and insecurity, and massive unemployment. So, all in all, the situation is very discouraging and what is happening is not good for the country.

“One of the most fundamental issues in society is the security of life and property, that is number one. The citizens must be secured and safe before any other thing can follow; education, health, etc that is because you are alive, but if there is no security then the very fundamental issue in society is compromised.

“That is why we are in terrible condition and the situation is not improving. It was Boko Haram, they said they have down-graded or defeated Boko Haram, but they continue to kiII our soldiers, kiII innocent citizens, and waylay even governors, then bandits have joined them, then cattle herdsmen, kidnappers who kidnapped me are also in the increase and have joined them the more and then the COVID-19 pandemic that crept in to compound a very bad situation, so, all in all, we are in a very frightening condition.

“And, of course, as you know, the unity of Nigeria has never been as tested and challenged, as questioned as it is today. Various groups are not comfortable in the present situation, even those who are ruling, they are not secured, they are not happy themselves, so this is not making anybody happy, which means that we must come together and address the situation”.

According to him, the country needs a president that can guarantee security in 2023, regardless of the zone he comes from.

Falae said President Muhammadu Buhar hails from Katsina State, where bandits have continued to terrorise the residents.

“This constitution is not delivering for anybody, even for those who are in government. Somebody asked me the other day whether I have a preference on where the president should come from in 2023, that is the political zone that I prefer the president to come from in the next presidential election in 2023. I told the person that, that is irrelevant, that it is not the issue because if that was to be an issue the people in Katsina State should feel more secured than the people in my state, Ondo, but they don’t.

“So, leaders and traditional rulers in those places are now seeking refuge and protection in Abuja, but most of us still live in our town here in Akure. So, if where the president comes from is the issue then the problem in Katsina, the president’s state, should not be so, that tells us the issue is different, the issue is how to assure all the nationalities in Nigeria that this country is for all of us and to convince us that the government is for all of us and the resources should be developed and distributed fairly among all of us and that there will be justice, fairness, level playing ground, etc that is all that needs to be done and there will be peace, then we can develop our resources and we will be a force that will no longer be ignored. That is the issue and not where the president comes from because looking at the present situation, it is irrelevant.”