Vector has written an emotional tribute in honour of his late father.

The rapper and Hennessy artistry ambassador took to Instagram to remember his dad on the anniversary of his death.

He shared his the life of his father inspires him to live in peace and recounted an experience that happened while the older man was still alive.

Vector disclosed that he had a court case and had refused to seek help from anyone including his parents because of his nature.

However, while in court, his dad walked in which immediately promoted his attorney to turn to his colleague and state that he was the man he had been telling him about.

According to Vector, there was an accident involving the lawyer’s friend who unfortunately died as a result and this legal practitioner had visited the police station ready to shake down the driver responsible for the accident.

However, his dad who was stationed at that station invited the lawyer and Hsi friend to his office, shared scriptures with them and spoke to them. At the end if the day, they let go of the case

Vector stated that this example bears testament to the kind of man his father was.