Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has advised Nigerians to stop behaving like criminals.

He said this in reaction to the killing of some travellers who were passing through Jos. The attacker on the travellers also left many of them injured.

In a series of tweets on Monday Fani-Kayode said the attack, which was a retaliation, was uncalled for because the victims had nothing to do with the instigating attack.

He said , “You target a group of innocent and defenceless Hausa Fulani Muslims who were on their way home after worshipping their God and you slaughter them like Sallah rams. Your defence is that these were reprisal killings for the slaughter of your Christian brothers and kinsmen by a group of Fulanis at an earlier date. My questions for you and those that are egging you on and clapping for you are as follows:

“Were those innocent travellers you butchered part of those that killed your Christian brothers and kinsmen at the said earlier date?

“Do two wrongs make a right?
“Is it the Christian way to target innocent and defenceless people who have done you no wrong and who present no threat and subject them to mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide?

“I have condemned the targeting and mass murder of Christians by Muslims consistently over the years & I have expressed outrage about this every time it happens. Am I supposed to keep quiet & relish it when it happens the other way around & when Christians murder Muslims simply because I am a Christian? Are we not all human beings with blood flowing through our veins and are these people not our compatriots? There is no reason on earth why I would not condemn the mass murder of Muslims by Christians as well & anyone that expects me to keep quiet & not wholeheartedly condemn it when such barbarity is visited upon any of my compatriots does not know FFK. We must stop behaving like animals & start acting like human beings in this country & we must stop killing one another at the drop of a hat for whatever reason.

“If we refuse to do so we will wake up one day and we will not have a country left: the only thing we will have is a massive cauldron of fire in which every single one of us is either consumed or becomes a pitiful and sorry refugee.

“No-one wins a religious or tribal war in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural nation of over 210 million people. If, God forbid, it were to ever happen we will ALL suffer and we will ALL lose.

“I call for peace, calm and restraint on all sides in Plateau state and indeed throughout the country.”