The Taliban on Sunday night invaded and occupied the Afghanistan Presidential Palace in Kabul, effectively taking over the country.

Aljazeera floated photos reporting the group sitting within a spacious room with AK 47 rifles after the country’s President, Ashraf Ghani, fled his country following the recapture of major cities by the Islamist forces.

The UK Telegraph also reported that the Taliban is poised to take over the whole of Afghanistan, with insurgents entering Kabul demanding a “peaceful transfer of power.”

“They have taken the presidential palace and are preparing to declare the birth of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Thousands of locals are racing to escape the city, while staff from foreign embassies are being evacuated,” it stated.

This comes bare weeks after President Joe Biden withdrew US combat troops from the war torn country following 18 years of invasion.

The US recently sent in 5,000 troops – more than it pulled out – but with the aim of aiding in the evacuation of foreign nationals.

The Taliban has portrayed itself as different from the group overthrown by coalition forces in 2003, but many fear for the fate of women and girls as the insurgents are set to declare an Islamic emirate of Afghanistan.