Drivers on e-hailing platforms; Uber and Bolt, have embarked on a one-week strike in Lagos, to protest against some aspects of the new regulations by the state government.

Ayoade Ibrahim, the president of the National Union of Professional App-Based Workers, said on Monday, that the representative of the union was not carried along in the agreement reached between operators; Uber and Bolt, Lagos State and the Professional E-hailing Drivers and Private Owners Association.

“App companies like Uber and Bolt push their responsibility to us,” Ayoade said.

“We want to negotiate with Lagos State Government about the regulations and our responsibility.”

The government announced on August 14, 2020, that the new regulations, which were to become operational on August 20, have been modified after an initial outcry by the drivers on the burden the regulations will put on them.

One contentious regulation the drivers are unhappy about is the service tax to be charged on each trip, while the e-hailing operators like Uber and Bolt are to pay up to N25 million license fee and N10 million annually for renewal of the license.