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You Are Not Funny! Bovi’s Daughter Tells Dad

You Are Not Funny! Bovi’s Daughter Tells Dad 

Bovi Ugboma’s daughter is so savage.

The comedian shared a video on his Instagram page where he played the name joke with his second child. She didn’t find it funny and let her father know it.

In the clip, the following conversation ensued between Bovi and his daughter.

Bovi: Knock Knock

Daughter: Who’s there

Bovi: Bolanle

Daughter: Bola who?

Bovi: Bolanle pepper dem oh, peppr dem…

Daughter: Let me tell you, Bola is my classmate

Bovi: Yeah but you got the joke, right?

Daughter:  Yeah, but it wasn’t funny


Wow! that must hurt!

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